About company

General director Petr Mikhalchuk Nowadays «Sevrybproject» Ltd. is the enterprise of new type. For achievement of a concrete circuit at the enterprise are generated the important directions: from idea (scientific development) to a product (effective result of idea). From the very beginning, in 1998, at the enterprise were created administrative, scientific and industrial structures. Execution of all kinds of work occurs on experimental and industrial bases. It is a hydrodynamic station in settlement Verhnetulomskiy on carrying out the fishing gear’s tests, trawl doors and modern computer technique with programs on fishing gear designing, and also one of the best in the North basin professionally equipped department on different fishing gear manufacturing.

By our enterprise are developed bottom and pelagic trawls for all types of ships fishing both in the Northeast Atlantic, and in the remote areas of the World Ocean. Practically all new fishing gear’s developments have passed trade check in the sea and have shown higher efficiency in comparison with traditional ones. The developed and made fishing gear from modern net materials have the increased operation term more than two years that allows shipowners to lower considerably expenses for fishing gear purchase.

We constantly test new domestically produced materials – analogues of foreign – in order to use them instead of foreign ones because of cheapness that allows the shipowners to reduce currency expenses.

Using high technologies and rich sea practice of «Sevrybproect» experts make the contribution on effectiveness and reliability of fishing gear creation. The latest fishing gear is:
• bottom trawls complexes for different types of ships with head engine from 220 to 2200 kWt;
• shrimp trawl complexes;
• pelagic trawls for different types of ships and fishes;
• sorting systems;
• trawl bags for bottom and pelagic trawls.

The determinate factor of successful fishing is optimal and effective trawl design corresponding different ship’s characteristics.
We developed the trawl “Sirius-nord” 218/1632 m with the increased parameters. The distinctive feature of this trawl is that 2/3 of trawl mouth’s perimeter is due to upper and lower bellies and 1/3 – to side belly. This fact allows to guarantee higher horizontal opening at necessary vertical one.

On the basis of conception “Sirius-Nord” was designed lite pelagic trawl 230,8/1760 m “Orion” for catching fast kinds of fish from large-capacity ships. After model tests we published the working design documentation on a new trawl. Due to its design features were reached good working parameters, high-speed characteristics, catch increasing, convenience and safety in using.
Our trawls of various dimensions from “Sirius-north” series use practically all large-capacity of Murmansk and Arkhangelsk trawl fleet.

In connection with renewal of capelin fishing in the Northeast Atlantic we designed different constructions of such trawls for all types of ships. For example, for ships with head engine 1000- 1100 HP the trawl 54/560м was created. Now we are working on pelagic frame trawl raising the catch effectiveness because of low resistance.
Nowadays the krill catching in the Antarctic part of Atlantic revives. Existing market conditions demand much to raw material quality and to the finished-product, therefore the krill catching with the traditional pelagic trawls faded away into the background. We designed a beam-trawl for krill catching, providing continuous catch spilling on the board during trawl’s work. In beam trawl is mounted the special selective system preventing sea animals catch. After the beam-trawl construction’s design the extensive model tests took place. After that necessary changes in the construction were made. At the net-making department we made beam-trawl and sent them to the ship catching krill in the Antarctic part of Atlantic. In opinion of ship experts says that beam-trawls are efficient and provide high catch’s quality.

Any fishing gear designed by us taking into account all requests and demands of fishermen, i.e. we make piece-goods.
“Sevrybproject” Ltd. also make trawl bags and inner bags to them, sorting systems of all modifications. High quality of products guaranteed with high worker’s qualification, the entrance control of initial materials and the continuous finishing control.

Moreover the enterprise expands its scope of activity in the marine aquaculture. The ground area of the Yarnyshnaya inlet southern part is allocated for productive capacity on aquaeconomy; the license is received for water use of the lip Yarnyshnaya’s southern part of the Barents sea pool (settlement Dalnie Zelentsy) by the area of 100 hectares for cod, the Kamchatsky crab and sea hedgehog cultivation.
For these purposes we have biotechnics of their cultivation developed by PINRO for the arias beyond the Polar Circle; the analysis of physiographic conditions is made and biological basis is developed for complex use of the lip Yarnyshnaya water area with a view of aquaculture.
We are going to create a research-and-production and educational complex (aquaeconomy) on cod, the Kamchatsky crab and sea hedgehog cultivation in the lip Yarnyshnaya. The Murmansk professional lyceum N 6 is involved.

High technologies dynamically develop and “Sevrybproject” Ltd. staff moving ahead sees the main task – development of all new and introduction of the advanced technological decisions in view of needs of the clients with which have got used to cooperate openly and fruitfully.