Prospect estimation of cod and haddock pelagic trawl craft’s renewal in Barents sea and technical measures’ of its regulation development

The brief description of the project:

In 60 – 70th of 20 centuries in the Barents sea took place pelagic trawl craft of cod and haddock. However because of large small-size fish precatching was stopped in 1979 under the coordinated decision of the USSR and Norway. By consideration control measures joint stocks craft’s regulation for the next years such decision, without the sufficient bases, was annually prolonged on the regular fishery sessions.

From the moment of pelagic trawl craft’s of cod and haddock interdiction the mesh size in trawl bags for bottom trawls has essentially increased, and since 1997 sorting systems with grid have been applied without fail that has allowed to increase essentially trawls’ selectivity and to provide more favorable conditions for these small-size kinds of fishes’ safety.

As the underwater supervision results made by M. Zaferman, L. Serebrov, V. Korotkov have shown, the ground fishes behavior in trawl’s mouth essentially differs from the pelagic fishes behavior. Therefore, it is quite clear, that existing pelagic trawls for pelagic fishes’ craft are unsuitable for cod and haddock craft in the Barents sea.

Further, for 30 years period the experience of such craft has been lost, new nets have appeared, that causes the necessity of new fishing gear development on the modern technologies and nets’ basis.

For the decision of the question on renewal pelagic trawl craft of cod and haddock it is required to estimate comparative efficiency of these two fishing kinds regarding small size of cod and haddock safety and to develop technical measures of its regulation.

Expected effect: decrease of ecological load.

The contact information: A.Ivanov, ph. + 7 815 2 25 96 32