Drawing office

New trawl designing
For new production development at the enterprise was created the drawing office working in following directions:
• fishing gear creation for oceanic and coastal fishery;
• fishing gear perfection for oceanic and coastal fishery;
• spesialists’ support with the documents concerning fishing gear and its rigging.

Computer program TRAWL–V This knowledge make the important part of the enterprise resources and is a key for effective fishing gear creation.
Being engaged in scientific researches and fishing gear development,
“Sevrybproject” Ltd. creates the future in industrial fishery. Researches’ results are transferred fishermen, promoting increase in efficiency of their work.

Using and combining opportunities of
• hydrodynamic station and
• specially developed complex of computer programs on fishing gear designing – TRAWL – V,
we introduce in fishering practice new designs of trawls. The main feature of the trawls designed at the enterprise consists in the rational form which at the big vertical and horizontal disclosing creates insignificant hydrodynamical resistance. As a result from a vessel is required smaller traction capacity, thus the charge of fuel decreases.

Hydrodynamic station Our enterprise activity is constructed on the closed cycle. It means, that since scientific development, modelling tests, manufacturing and pre-production model testing in the sea up to a batch gear production – all this is done at the enterprise.

Prerearings for modelling tests For fishing gear modelling tests we have hydrodynamic station in settlement Verhnetulomsky. Now the station is equipped with video- and acoustic technics.

The equipment allows to design the rational form granting fishering objects and fishering conditions and if necessary to increase vertical and horizontal parameters net parts of trawl due to equipment’s new kinds application.

Underwater shooting of trawl bag's modeling tests The enterprise’s experts made the deep analysis historical and modern experience, both domestic and foreign one concerning fishering of various water bioresources with the purpose of fishing gear creation for small-size vessels. In this direction is prepared the engineering specifications and modern domestic materials are picked up.

“Sevrybproject” Ltd. has ready operating time on manufacturing traps, stationary nets and beach seines, Danish seines, the equipment for commodity fish cultivation and also has greater archival materials.

Recommendations to fishmen High technologies dynamically develop, and “Sevrybproject” Ltd. staff, using modern computer technics with programs and moving ahead, sees the main task – development of all new and introduction of the advanced technological decisions granting the clients needs.