Net-making department

Net-making department Our company always gave special value to fishing gear improvement and its manufacturability increasing. High quality of products is reached owing to high workers’ qualification, the initial materials’ entrance control and the continuous finishing control.

We save up sufficient experience for increasing fishery efficiency of any operating trawls designs. For this purpose at the enterprise was created one of the best on the Northern pool professionally equipped net-making department.

Finishing control of made trawl At the net-making department from domestic and import materials are made bottom, shrimp and pelagic trawls, trawl bags, sorting systems as for sea and Oceanic, and for coastal fishery.

Practically all fishing gear has passed trade check in the sea and has shown higher efficiency in comparison with regular one. Many trawls widely take root at the fish enterprises of the Pool. Also we published training aids on fishering gear, gripper pad and materials
Sorting system