2010-06-17: New trawl

Our company developed the new original large-sized pelagic trawl of 480/2640 m “JUPITER “ for fishing the mass breeds of fishes from vessels with the mail engine power 7000 h.p. and more.
Modelling tests were taken place and the trawl’s design is fulfilled.
The trawl has following characteristics: – the headline’s length – 430 m; – the trawl mouth’s perimeter – 2640 m;
Rated parameters: – Horizontal disclosing – 250 m; – Vertical disclosing – 140-150 m.
In case of interest we are ready to make and deliver the trawl in any point of the world.
We can also offer: – fishing gear delivering; – development and manufacturing of any fishing gear direct for a concrete vessel; – trawls construction according the customer drawings under its representatives’ control. The representative’s participation in the trawl manufacturing with the salary getting is possible. – our company is ready to consider any ideas, innovations, offers in fishing gear’s designing and manufacturing, – we offer mutually advantageous cooperation with authors of original ideas, – we assist on new development introduction and fee payment.

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