Revealing of the pelagic trawls creation’s effective ways according the mass kinds’ of the pelagic fish behavioral reactions to the trawl system elements

The brief description of the project:

Nowadays the biological resources of the Russian Economic Zone are used on limit, that is why the pelagic fish stocks developing in accessible zones of the foreign countries and in the open areas of the World ocean has exclusively great value.

For highly effective fishing gear creation and their tactics of work during mass, first of all mobile, trade objects’ craft it is necessary to know laws of their distribution and behavior concerning fishing system and also its separate elements.

The defensive reactions’ revealing will allow to make the proved choice of the fishing gear’s rational parameters and constructive elements and also to improve fishing tactics.

Checking of the correct chosen constructive decisions and fishing gear parameters will be carried out on the models first, then on craft. After that it is planned to start industrial manufacturing of the developed trawl.

The created scientific and technical production will correspond to a modern level of the industrial fishery development and to meet nature protection requirements during craft in conventional areas of fishery.

Expected effect: development’s using will allow to increase the mass pelagic fishes craft’s efficiency.
The contact information: A.Ivanov, ph. + 7 815 2 25 96 32