Pelagic trawls

Our company developed the new original large-sized pelagic trawl of 480/2640 m “JUPITER “ for fishing the mass breeds of fishes from vessels with the mail engine power 7000 h.p. and more.
Modelling tests were taken place and the trawl’s design is fulfilled.
The trawl has following characteristics: – the headline’s length – 430 m; – the trawl mouth’s perimeter – 2640 m;
Rated parameters: – Horizontal disclosing – 250 m; – Vertical disclosing – 140-150 m.
In case of interest we are ready to make and deliver the trawl in any point of the world.

For vessels like «Moonzund» by «Sevrybproject» Ltd. specialists were developed such trawl constructions as 287/1824 m «Sirius Nord», 287/1824 m «Sirius Nord M», 315/2500 m «Sirius Nord S» intended for mass kinds of fish craft.

Trawl «Sirius Nord» has special construction of the rope part that allows the vessels to work at the sea surface and at the ground with minimal accident rate. It made a good showing fishing blew-whiting and mackerel in the South-East Atlantic and also in the Rokoll bank’s area.
Trawl «Sirius Nord M» is the universal trawl with disclosing parameters 110 × 140 for blew-whiting, mackerel an herring fishing. It made a good showing working in various horizons.
Trawl «Sirius Nord S» has the raised disclosing parameters: vertical 120-130 m and horizontal 160-180 m and is intended for highly effective craft both rarefied and dense fish congestions. Specially developed net part’s design and also original fishing gear’s scheme allows to ajust fishing gear parameters according craft’s conditions.
The similar trawls with the reduced parameters were developed for the vessels with the main engine power 2 500 horsepower.
Also by our specialists were developed the other pelagic trawls’ constructions for all kinds of pelagic fish craft with vessels with the main engine power from 80 till 5 30kilowatt.
For more detailed information contact to director A. Ivanov + 7 815 2 24-43-81