Bottom hatchery for crab's cultivation

Bottom hatchery for crab's cultivation Bottom hatchery for crab’s cultivation allows to grow sub-standard crabs in natural conditions for their commodity qualitiies’ improvement. Bottom hatchery is truncated pyramid with the basis 30 on 30 meters and wall’s height 5 meters (the sizes can vary depending on installation site). The hatchery is made from polyethylene net. It’s bottom is loaded with steel chain, on top the fusion cake is tied. The hatchery’s corners and the middle of the sides are propped with heavy concrete blocks. The hatchery’s design is steady at ebb-tide currents. The hatchery is equipped with the special device for feed submission.

The simplified design allows to low the expenses for manufacturing, installation and service. Owing to it the hatchery’s cost price is also lowered.

Two bottom hatcheries are installed and work in the Barents sea coastal area.

The Patent security The Patent for useful model № 53842 from 12/09/2005. Authors P. Mikhalchuk, A. Likhograev, A. Malinnikov.