Sortyng system

Sorting system's assembling 1. According the Thirtieth Russian-Faroes Commission’s on fishery decision since the 1st of June 2007 the blue-whiting in the Faroe Islands’ zone is fished only with sorting system.

«Sevrybproject» Ltd. makes sorting systems of four standard sizes depending on vessel’s main engine power and trade scheme of catch’s lifting on board:

Each sorting system has passport and the special marks kept during all exploitation’s period.

The sorting system is installed between a trawl and a trawling bag. The net part of system consists of panels lacing among themselves like net cylinder. Inside of the cylinder under the certain corner the selective grid is laced.

Selective grid 2. According the Mixed Russian-Norwegian commission’s on fishery decision accepted on 25 session since January 1997 during cod and haddock craft in the Barents and the Norwegian seas the sorting system should be used in bottom trawls.

«Sevrybproject» Ltd. makes sorting systems «Sort-V» of two standard sizes depending on vessel’s main engine power (up to 1000 kw and over 1000 kw).

Sorting system “ Sort-V “ consists of one metal grid, elevating and directing net panels. All of them are installed in under the certain corner in net section which is installed between conic and cylindrical parts of trawl bag.

Capacity of main engine, kw The drawing designation The external sizes, m The distance between metal grid rods, mm
1000 and more А8-1000.000 1,5 х 1,2 55 + 1,0
Less than 1000 А8-1001.000 1,2 х 1 55 + 1,0

Ready-assembled sortyng system 3. During shrimp fishing in bottom trawl the small-size fish are also caught. That is why in the Fishery Rules was added the article about obligatory application of sorting systems since 1993 during trawl shrimp fishing.

The sorting system consists of net section with installed in it metal selective grid under a certain corner and the directing gullet, and is established between conic and cylindrical parts of a trawl bag.

Russian vessels use basically sorting systems with grid 1,5 х 1,0 m and 1,5 х 1,3 m.